I Found Myself Reborn

Just another glimpse aspect of fourty-two. (With due respect and acknowledgement to Douglas Adams.)


She led me by the hand
Through a green forest.
Twisting around the trunks,
Ducking beneath low branches.
I followed blindly in love
With the feel of her hand
And the utter sweetness
Of her breath on my cheek,
And her – encompassment.
She stopped in a clearing
But a few yards across,
Pulled herself against my hand
Until her lips covered mine
And her breast impressed
Pertly on my nakedness.
Our kiss was unending
And filled me with fire,
With secret understanding,
And a lust for life itself.
She breathed into my body
Something greater than air.
We held each others hands
As our twinned lips parted,
And I? I breathed out lust.

She mouthed silent words,
Smiled an angelic smile,
Unfurled her gorgeous wings,
And in a column of white
Rose toward the open sky –
Hands and arms outstretched
As if she had just placed
Me in this wooded scene.

The trees and I once more alone –
Free to navigate a way
Though the multitude of leaves
And questionable manoeuvres.

I watched her elevation
β€˜Till she was a star, afar,
As night had brushed dark
Colours over her euphoric clouds.

I found myself reborn.

Β© griffonner 2021

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Mathew, thank you for your kind message.

Yes, as you say, so much has changed, and people gone or disappeared too. :frowning:

I send my sincere thoughts for you and yours, that you keep safe and well, and that this new year will bring you wealth and happiness in every form.

Allen (AKA griffonner)

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