Guest WiFi using a QR code

Guest WiFi using a QR code

On my home network I have guest WiFi configured and when guests come round they need to know the password. Happily there’s a way to make this trivial: WiFi QR codes. A WiFi QR code is simply a text QR code with a special format as follows:


The S sets the SSID of the network, T defines the security in use, P is the password and H whether the network is hidden or not. You can create this directly by making a text QR code or use a specialized QR code generator for WiFi networks.

The resulting QR code looks something like this:

Which when scanned with the default camera app on iOS or Android will pop up something similar to this. With one click you’re connected to the network.

For a finishing touch just print out the QR code and place it in a cheap frame and any guest can scan and get online with ease.

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