Goldman Sachs: Bank boss rejects work from home as the 'new normal'

“I do think for a business like ours, which is an innovative, collaborative apprenticeship culture, this is not ideal for us. And it’s not a new normal. It’s an aberration that we’re going to correct as soon as possible,” he told a conference on Wednesday.

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In other words, he wants to keep the on-site slavery that corporations love where they offer an “internship” meaning that people can only have the skills needed to work in that business. They will then be given 3 month long notice periods and an NDA to say that they can’t work elsewhere in the same type of job. They will be expected to work long hours with mediocre pay but with lots of lovely niceties such as free coffee and possibly a chill out room.

Fuck the fuck off.

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I dislike that. You prove your worth, then you can argue a wage.

So many morons here finish school and then go into a job interview and say they expect $100k/year. No experience = low wage.

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