German Word of the Day –


Before we clarify what a Fischeinwickelpapier actually is, let me give you a bit of backstory here. While I was over at Chrystal’s blog, I caused a bit of confusion with my comment on A Writer’s Blog and A Blessing . You see, I thought that was a completely normal term.

Many moons ago I wrote a post called the Germans have a word for it . While a follow-up was always on the agenda, I am yet to collect 20 more really awesome German words.

German is a very descriptive language. While it may sound a bit strong to foreign ears occasionally, the beauty of our compound words makes for a lot of fun with words.

So, without further ado:


noun (n.): fish wrapping paper

It’s a tabloid newspaper of the lowest kind. Don’t read it! Use it for cleaning windows or wrapping fish in it.

“Shall I buy the Sun or the Mirror ?”, asked the guy with the mullet and scratched his … sweatpants.


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