Donald Trump's impeachment trial is unconstitutional

45 Republican senators including Mitch McConnell vote that Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is unconstitutional because he is no longer in office - in sign they will vote to acquit

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  • A majority of Republicans voted Tuesday that Donald Trump’s second impeachment is unconstitutional
  • It’s a sign the former president will likely be acquitted in his upcoming trial
  • Republican Senator Rand Paul forced the Senate to vote on the matter
  • Paul argued that trying a former president would violate the U.S. Constitution
  • ’I think it’ll be enough to show that, you know, more than a third of the Senate thinks that the whole proceeding is unconstitutional, which will show that ultimately they don’t have the votes to do an impeachment,’ Paul said
  • 45 Republicans voted trial was unconstitutional
  • Paul said the vote meant 'the impeachment trial is dead on arrival’
  • ’It’s one of the few times in Washington where a loss is actually a victory,’ he said
  • Also, the 100 senators were sworn in as Trump’s jury
  • The trial is expected to begin on Feb. 9 but the article of impeachment was delivered to the Senate Monday evening
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It’s not constitutional even if he was still President, but let’s not let facts get in the way of propaganda and lies

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