Do Trump Supporters Live In An Alternate Universe?

On Monday, in her MSNBC show, “Deadline”, Nicolle Wallace said that “right wing media”, like Fox were creating an “alternate reality” for their viewers. Nicolle said, “You now have a true, a true alternate reality… I mean, they are pumping flagrant lies into millions of viewers. They’re interviewing lunatics…” Nicolle’s guest, the brilliant Al Sharpton (of Tawana Brawley hoax fame) said, “We’re now in a nation where facts don’t matter. You make up facts. And not only do you have an alternative reality, how do you debate someone that is dealing with a totally fictitious premise?

This talk of the alternate, fictional reality inhabited by Trump supporters has been expressed many times by those on the left. After the Nunes memo was released, exposing parts of the Russia Hoax, CNN’s Brian Stelter said that Sean Hannity was promoting the Nunes lies and he called the story an “alternate reality”. Stelter’s viewers knew for sure that Trump colluded with Russia, just like the honorable Adam Schiff said. Stelter was proud that his viewers knew the truth.

Regarding the current claims of possible election fraud, Stelter said, “This is not an alternative reality. This is a parallel universe of disinformation.” Other reporters have added that Fox is, “ presenting you with absolute utter lies and nonsense and conspiracy theories. … These viewers slash victims are not able to differentiate between fantasy and reality. That’s dangerous.”

It is instructive to make a list of ‘Things That Are True’, as asserted by the leftist media and contrast it with the ‘Delusions’ that are commonly held by the foolish Trump supporters .

In the list below, “T” indicates the certainly ‘True Things’, as reported by the very wise people in leftist media. “D” indicates the ‘Delusions’ held by the Trump supporters, who “are not able to differentiate between fantasy and reality.”

The List:

T: This was a very clean and honest election. There is no evidence of fraud. Claims to the contrary are baseless conspiracy theories.

D: There is massive evidence of election fraud of every type, including programmed computer cheating, dead people voting, and massive dumps of Biden votes in the middle of the night. There is also extremely strong statistical evidence of vote total manipulation.

T: Biden is “President Elect” because the news media have declared that to be the case . He will be the next President, and there is no room at all for dispute about that fact.

D: The media do not determine who is President. The next President will be determined when he has enough certified and unchallenged votes. We are nowhere near that point.

T: The story about Hunter Biden’s laptop is “Russian disinformation”. It’s designed to make you think Joe Biden did something wrong, but Joe doesn’t do things that are wrong. Joe will bring integrity back to the White House.

D: The laptop belongs to Hunter Biden. Russia has nothing at all to do with it. There is a massive amount of information on the laptop demonstrating schemes to enrich the Biden family by selling influence. Tony Bobulinski, worked closely with the Bidens to set up some of the questionable transactions. Tony met with Joe and said Joe was fully onboard with these business plans. Joe got a percentage of the foreign money. Hunter made deals with high ranking Chinese communists, plus lucrative deals with several other countries. Joe is thoroughly compromised. The way that the MSM and all of social media worked to hide this story is shocking.

T: President Obama set a good example of peaceful transition of power. He did everything he could to help President Trump.

D: President Obama, and ‘dirty cops’ at the head of his intelligence and law enforcement agencies planned and orchestrated a plan to damage the incoming President. “The Resistance” has continued to this day. Trump has never had a single day when he was not under attack by these forces.

T: Trump and his supporters are white supremacists. Trump said the white supremacists in Charlottesville were “good people”. He seems unwilling to condemn them. Trumps desire to protect our southern border proves that he is racist. His desire to ban all Muslims from the country proves that he is a bigot.

D: Biden started his campaign with the Charlottesville lie and he repeated it often. He once told a black audience that Republicans wanted “to put y’all back in chains”. He works hard to keep blacks on the Democrat Voting Plantation, even going so far as to telling a black person, “you ain’t black” if you don’t vote for Joe. Trump condemned white supremacists in Charlottesville and has done so many times since then. Borders are not racist. Countries have borders. Trump did not ban Muslims. He wanted to restrict entry from a few pro-Jihadist countries.

T: One of the biggest problems facing black people today is that police are shooting large numbers of innocent black people for no reason at all. America is a racist country where black people have no chance because of institutional racism. Obama said racism “is still part of our (white people’s) DNA that’s passed on”. A few days ago, the twice elected President said racism was a “defining feature” of our country, adding that many Americans were, “a little disturbed by the advances that African Americans had made”. “Whiteness” is the problem. The Black Lives Matter movement may be the solution.

D: Racist whites killing blacks for no reason is as big a problem as nooses in Nascar garages; as big a problem as racist attacks on people like Jussie Smollett. Black bodies are piling up in some American cities, but it’s black thugs doing the killing, not the police and not white people. There is no political advantage in being concerned about these black lives, so they are ignored. BLM is a Marxist hate group that does not even seek to create racial harmony. If BLM worked to keep black families together or create better schools, that would be great, but that is not their true interest.

T: Trump caused the hate that we see in our country. Trump and his supporter are filled with hate and deserve to be punished after Biden is President. The violence we have seen during Trumps Presidency has mostly been cause by white supremacist Trump supporters.

D: The violence and hateful rhetoric have mostly come from the left. From day 1, Trump, his family and his supporter have been subjected to vile attacks, both verbal and physical. The violent mobs in the streets of many American cities are Antifa and BLM leftists. Their “mostly peaceful” protests are the most costly manmade damage to American property in history.

T: Most of the big things that people need can be free if we get the right people in positions of power. In a decent country, politicians will provide a guaranteed income, free school, free housing and food for people who want it, and free medical care. Good politicians would also give most of these benefits, including free health care, to anyone who comes across our open border. It’s the right thing to do.

D: Nothing but the air you breathe is free. Politicians cannot “provide” anything that they do not take from a productive citizen. Politicians can only provide coercion and deficit spending. Only productive citizens can provide goods and services. In countries where politicians take total control of the economy, economic devastation follows, always and everywhere. It’s the wrong thing to do.

I agree with Nicolle Wallace that a huge number of Americans have a false impression of reality because they are being told lies by their media. The people who constantly hear these lies do live in an “alternate reality”.

I also agree that this is very, very dangerous .

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The American left is so racist that they will say anything to get a head
I’ve been called racist and that I have “privilege” because as a brown man I have a good job …
And that was said to me by a white leftist

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Being called racist used to be the ultimate indefensible accusation, now it consists of just about anything and everything.

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I was once called a gay hating raping racist(paraphrase). Why? They found out I support conservatives.

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