Days Like These "Batteries Not Included" (remake of That 70s Show "Pilot")

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Well that didn’t translate very well did it :rofl:

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So bad.

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Brits cant sitcom. leave that the the 'Mericans.

Not Going Out… BRILLIANT man Lee Mack… Terrible show.

Coupling was good, though. Green Wing was almost a sitcom.

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bbc GIF

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What? How many of these have you seen?

Father Ted
IT Crowd
Black Books
Peep show
Red Dwarf
Absolutely fabulous
Alan Partridge
The Mighty Boosh
The Thick of it
The new statesman
The young ones?

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Lets face it, us Brits are the Gods of sitcom.

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Whereas in America they’ve got:

That Jewish one where he always fucks up (could be any number of films or tv series by woody Allen, Larry David, etc)
The office (stolen from us)
Fresh Prince
Big Bang (probably the worst comedy ever)

The rest are basically either reality shows of celebrities living their “normal” lives or one of the above list, redone.

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WITH, might I add, recaps of what’s about to happen, and what’s just happened, in between and at the start and end of each show.

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Yeah, I mean that was the cult list that I gave!

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Only fools and horses
The Fawlty Towers
Men behaving badly
Monty f❤️cking Python
The Fast Show

(although those last two are not exactly sitcoms, are they?)

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Some mothers do ‘ave ‘em
Brittas Empire
Rab C Nesbitt

I should have clarified, the generic sitcom with laugh track, etc, that typically is 100% sets.

Some listed were/are sketch comedy, which is something where Brits are godlike, but not the same.

IT Crowd was a standard type sitcom and amazing. +10points for that. A lot of other listed are 30+ years old. Is the phrase “Germany is good at war” still valid today? :stuck_out_tongue: What have you done for me lately?

But, you guys seem to miss out on the best American sitcoms, if looking at non laugh track types… like The League, Legit(jim jefferies so not totally american and sadly cut short), Blue Mountain State, any How I Met Your Mother that centered around Barney, Always Sunny, Married… With children (is 20+ years old though).

Comedy in general, Brits excel but when talking about sitcoms of the That 70s show variety, it just doesnt work. Maybe that is because it’s like asking a F1 driver to do NASCAR. They just can’t get themselves down to that level.

Don’t forget Canada! with Schitts Creek. Yup, we got one good one lol.

You’re correct about big bang theory. Find clips without the laugh track. You’ll want to gouge your eyes out and rip off your ears.

Most of the others you mentioned have 1-2 redeeming characters but unless the episode is centered around them, it’s not worth watching. Any episode of the IT Crowd is great.

Enough said

These are mostly sitcoms with laughter tracks, 70% with solid characters throughout. Blackadder smashes it. Having said this, we haven’t really come up with anything for a fair while. I just watch The Crown at the moment as that’s pretty entertaining; no laughter track either.

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