Covid Test And Beer

When beer makes a covid test show positive, one has to wonder.

It seems to just be a liquid viscosity test with a discoloration strip…

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I’ll take your word for it :wink:

Looking at images it looks like a real one so I don’t doubt it. But how could it be accurate in any way when afaik it would just be giving an indication of something basic like glucose levels?

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Oh, I thought you were up on these things, it’s not glucose (I am up on them) looks more like a pH pee test, although I hope the guy has been eating a lot of beetroot because otherwise that’s not healthy.

Might be a red solution mixed with the pee, I just figured it was watered down blood. Still, urine acidity is a near useless test too.
Be it a glucose test or a pH test the inaccurate result would be the same for anyone who gets their 5 a day.

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