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That category has never before been publicly reported. The data also reveals around 10% of COVID deaths are in fact “cause of death unknown or missing”.

The flipside is this is believed to also apply to many of those who died with COVID as the confirmed cause of death. While Ontario doesn’t divulge comorbidity data, Alberta Health Sciences reports that three quarters of Albertans who died of COVID did so while suffering from three or more underlying health conditions. Only 4% of deaths were in persons who suffered from no conditions.

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For those that want the math, based on Alberta and their 503000 cases, 3992 deaths, if we take that 4%, the chance of a healthy person dying of covid is…

… 0.03%

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Bicycle accidents: 1 in 3825
Healthy person dying of COVID: 1 in 3333
Choking on food: 1 in 2535
Fire or Smoke: 1 in 1547
Drowning: 1 in 1128

A healthy person has a 300% greater chance of drowning than dying of COVID.

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