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Humans always manage to show explosive growth in fight-or-flight situations. In Hong Kong, a “woman” turned into a wall-crawler on Thursday when suspectedly being hunted by authorities during a Tsim Sha Tsui operation.

Videos and photos showed a “woman” jumping off a unit on the lower floors of James S. Lee Mansion and climbing onto the traffic sign while wearing a see-through dress circulated widely on the internet.

At last, “she” retreated onto the ground safe and sound with the help of the pedestrians.

However, the woman with long brown hair is actually a man. After preliminary investigations, police confirmed that the person involved is a 30-year-old man holding a Thai passport. He has been sent to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment.

According to live sources, officers of police’s organized crime and triad bureau were conducting an anti-prostitution operation at the time and arrested 14 men and 18 women.

It remains possible that the man involved was trying to hide from the police.

Last Saturday, police arrested eight transsexual men in an anti-prostitution operation.

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If thats a man, the tape job is amazing. no bulge or dangles

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Also the drop to that sign had to hurt the feet.

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