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I’m adding user levels manually when people log in for the first time.

Please be patient, Teotian or God levels will be added shortly after you arrive, categories will unlock.

If you are new to Teoti, say hi!

Teoti is completely advert free so please show some respect, please do not self link or promote your goods. It will be the last you see of us.

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tamsnod27!!! Level updated.

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I am NEVER going to dismiss it!

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Paracelsus!!! Level updated.

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MASTERV!!! Level updated.

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Thank you!

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No worries, welcome aboard!

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Superuser!!! Level Updated.

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Sawchain!!! Level updated.

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Blackspy!!! updated.

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Piratepoet!!! Level updated

YO :v:

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Howdy, y’all!

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suckapuncha! Level updated, welcome ! I think the system just banned you for typing too fast :rofl:

Peon in T8, Peon in T9!

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Uber Peon in T9 is a whole different ballgame.

What’s up ererrybody

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skeemin! Welcome & updated :wink:

my ban button seems to be missing i have a long list to work on get on it jon my fingers are itching.

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