A Large US Military Convoy Rolled Into Syria On 1st Day Of Biden Presidency

Two separate reports from Middle East news sources at the end of this week strongly suggest that both Russia and the United States are building up their forces in war-torn Syria within the opening days of the Joe Biden administration .

First, Syrian state media is alleging a major US build-up and reinforcements sent to “illegitimate bases in Hasakah countryside”. The report in Syria’s SANA details :

“…that a convoy consisted of 40 trucks loaded with weapons and logistical materials , affiliated to the so-called international coalition have entered in Hasaka countryside via al-Walid illegitimate border crossing with north of Iraq, to reinforce illegitimate bases in the area .”

Illustrative file image of US convoy in northeast Syria

Damascus said further that tons of US heavy equipment was observed going toward building up US positions at Conoco oil and gas field : “Over the past few days, helicopters affiliated to the so-called international coalition have transported logistical equipment and heavy military vehicles to Conoco oil field in northeastern Deir Ezzor countryside, after turning it into military base to reinforce its presence and loot the Syrian resources,” SANA wrote further.

This comes at a moment Biden’s Syria policy and direction is still largely a big unknown - though it remains that his cabinet looks to include foreign policy hawks - particularly many of the same officials responsible for Obama’s both overt and covert interventions in Libya and Syria upon the start of the so-called ‘Arab Spring’.

For now President Biden is likely simply to continue Trump’s policy of keeping a contingent of American special forces troops stealing occupying Syria’s oil and gas fields.

Meanwhile a separate story on the same day as the reported US convoy reinforcements says Russia too is busy building up its forces in an area near where Americans and Turkish patrols are occupying northeast Syria.


According to Beirut-based Al Masdar News :

The Russian Armed Forces sent more reinforcements and heavy military equipment to the Al-Qamishli Airport this week, as they strengthen their presence east of the Euphrates River.

According to the latest reports from the Al-Hasakah Governorate, the Russian Armed Forces deployed more troops to the frontlines with the Turkish military and their allied militants near the key town of Tal Tamr.

This is based on Russian military sources featuring footage of a Russian IL-76 cargo landing a Qamishli Airport which is the “second time in ten days that they have brought in more reinforcements and military equipment.”

Russian military cargo plan landing in northern Syria on Thursday:

Russia has also lately sent more ships to patrol off Syria’s Mediterranean coast, out of the naval base at Tartus.

Likely this latest rush to ensure greater Russian ‘readiness’ is based on the “unknowns” represented by the presidential transition in Washington. However, there’s little doubt Biden will keep up the severe sanctions which are currently crushing what’s left of the Syrian economy, with civilians bearing the brunt of suffering.

Israel also appears to be ramping up its airstrikes inside Syria, claiming to be targeting Iranian positions amid concerns Biden will be “soft” on the Islamic Republic and so-called Iranian influence in Syria and Lebanon.

ISIS is back on everyone!

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What good does this do the US? None. Trump made three drastically historic Middle Eastern peace deals after moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, Biden is throwing all that work away. Trump wanted to get out of the Middle-Eastern spitting match, and he worked toward peace after that. No major Islamic terrorist events in the US during the Trump Administration (like there was during Obama, Bush and Clinton). N. Korea was going to nuke us when Trump took over, then vanished off the world-wide stage after Trump talked to the little shit. Trump did more for world peace than any other president and I know 70% of the US population has no idea.

Well, we’re back to the old game for a bit.

Regan slowed things down a bit, being a sorta outsider… but from GW Bush to Obama the establishment has held power. I admit to being fooled into the Republican big government/pro war is good and the Democrat big government/pro war was bad… but at the core they are the same. Trump just showed us the universal government hypocrisy.

There is no ‘win’ for the US in the Middle East unless we are willing to destroy Islam. We are not willing to do that (and I really am against trying to do it). This is no longer the ‘falling of dominoes’ propaganda of the 60’s and 70’s. We ‘defeated’ a country by modifying the way they operate to slightly more duplicate the way we run ours… why?

Should the entire world be a Representative Republic? Would all countries be better that way?

As someone advocating for individual states’ rights I don’t see how that’s consistent to my ideology. If you want to run a communist country, that’s between you and your citizens. Same if you want to be part of a continental conglomerate, or to cede from an oppressive government, or to Brexit. It affects the world economy, but the citizens of those countries should be able to make that choice, and to petition for aid when they are being invaded… not going full Wilson Doctrine, but the US has interfered in foreign countries far too much, including financial aid to those we happen to support for a time.

Trump was breaking that system. Considerably well given the opposition from the opposition from both sides. Honestly I would have tried to too, but I’m not an entrenched politician.

If I could play God(s) for a bit, and meld Trump’s ideology and balls to someone more eloquent… perhaps things would be different. Then again, JFK was taken out just before the Vietnam war (he opposed) and just as Civil Rights were taking hold (which he supported alongside Congressional Republicans)… so perhaps, by being an asshole, Trump dodged more than a proverbial bullet.

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