A comprehensive list of *all* the racist elements within our society

…from Titania McGrath

Brave social justice activists such as myself are working tirelessly to expose all the racist elements within our society.

Sometimes it is difficult to keep up, so I thought it would be helpful to curate a comprehensive list…


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If they keep pushing this shit this is going to be the first race war caused by people calling out racism. If you are going to be labeled something no matter what you are, or what you do, eventually you will own it and run with it.

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Titania McGrath
Activist. Healer. Radical intersectionalist poet. Nonwhite

nonwhite? She is whiter than most.

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She is a comedian, right?

• White people speaking
• White people not speaking

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Titania McGrath - Wikipedia


Titania McGrath (@ TitaniaMcGrath ) is a parody Twitter account created and run by comedian and Spiked columnist Andrew Doyle.

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I would never call for any other race/gender/sexual identity/sexual orientation to be silenced. Ever. I may debate, argue, get in snitty pissing matches with others, and find others’ views juvenile to malevolent… but I would never call for public censorship of what they want to say.

I really don’t want to silence her, I have faith that the more her message spreads the more people wake up an realize how insane her message is. Given the current state of the country, the faith may be dwindling… but I stand by it even if it means that the only truly free country left on the planet will fall.

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He highlights stupidity at the same time as coming across as a dead pan leftist. The funny thing is there are people who still wholeheartedly support Titania’s views.

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Titania is a dude, and I find him quite freaking funny!

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