A California Story plus 200+ Faces of Bigfoot

A California Story plus 200+ Faces of Bigfoot

Does bigfoot exist? Join the debate here. There are several supposed bigfoot videos plus other claims of evidence, still photos, prints, dna, hair samples, nests/beds, and so on.

I personally heard an interesting second hand story recently about a Bigfoot sighting. A man saw Bigfoot walk up a steep cliff fast like it was nothing a few years ago near the ocean in California. His friend who told me the tale said the man was very unhappy about having had the experience. He said,

You do NOT want to see Bigfoot. No one will believe you.

Some of you who have seen strange things yourselves can identify with this perhaps.

After hearing this story I did a quick sweep of several image apps and search engines and pulled together these 200+ faces of Bigfoot.

There are duplicates, but this was just a quick scan and I didn’t want to spend too much time editing.


The BRFO site has a tons of reports and they have had eye-witnesses do sketches and revisions to come up with a few commonly seen types of Bigfoot. Some of those sketches are above. Here’s a link to reports and eye-witness sketches. See BFRO.net for the full details if you like Bigfoot information.

Are any real? It seems possible to me. What’s your view? Hoaxes? A real undiscovered ape? Aliens? The pets of aliens? Descendants of Neanderthal man or some other human species? Time travelers? The space suits of aliens? I’ve heard many theories.

I have a high tolerance for odd stories and true strange events, but some people feel anyone who sees anything highly unusual is crazy. I do not share this view if the witness is otherwise credible. And even if they are a little nutty, they may still be telling the truth.

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